International Forest Company

Identity, Messaging, Print, Video, Web Design & Dev, Ad Campaign

International Forest Company (IFCO) reached out to us, because they wanted to invest in their brand in hopes of increasing sales. IFCO is the largest producer of container seedlings in the U.S. and focuses on genetics, innovation, technology and educating its customers.

The Problem

The timber industry is know for operational innovation, but not for great marketing, branding or its digital presence. IFCO had very low brand equity, but wanted to invest in branding for the first time so that their messaging reflected their product: superior seedlings. They realized there was a big gap between their operational excellence and their marketing and it was our job to fix it.

Our Solution

We were pretty excited about working in an industry with so much upward mobility, at least where branding is concerned. The biggest problem is that from first sight, nothing in their branding or marketing communicated the effort or excellence that went into producing such a great product. So, we started from the beginning and conducted an industry audit and brand audit, which helped us determine how to be most effective. Since the initial rebrand in 2014, IFCO's revenues have grown by over 100% and we continue to innovate their message and digital presence.


Combining a stylized seedling with a cellulose molecule, the IFCO logo glyph communites the genetic and cutting edge nature of their product.


Quality product photography was needed to better communicate value to IFCO's clients. Companies can often overlook the lowest hanging fruit in branding. Good product photography makes a huge difference.


We've continued to innovate IFCO's message. While the rest of the industry gives customers bullet points, we try to communicate how IFCO seedlings make them better.

A big part of branding is determining the proper use of media when communicating. A lot of IFCO's customers had never seen their operation, which is pretty amazing. So, we thought it was a good idea to cast vision and let customers know how much effort goes into producing genetically superior seedlings.