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ClaimMedic helps simplify confusing medical bills, saving their clients money in the process. They organize, analyze and verify medical bills to ensure accuracy, giving their clients peace of mind knowing they’ll never again pay a medical bill they don’t owe.

The Problem

ClaimMedic was a brand new company in need of a name, logo, and a message. king to update their brand and increase visitors to their center. They wanted something that stood out from the crowd and shared in their enthusiasm for helping people.

Our Solution

ClaimMedic is a very human company that interacts with people everyday, so we wanted a human-feeling brand to represent this. The medical billing services industry is also sort of an unknown industry to a lot of families, even though the need is huge, so we wanted to incorporate language and messaging that people unfamiliar with the industry could easily relate to.


As we develop a brand, it's generally a process we're deeply invested in. It's our goal to capture the heart of a business or organization, so we spend a lot of time and effort getting it just right.


People understand the value of being healthy, whether it be personal or familial. So, we wanted to associate this idea with the fact that they could be overpaying for services and need to make sure their bills are healthy.


Venn shares my excitement for doing things right! Love their simple, clean branding style.


Mary S. Daniel, Owner/Founder