Messaging, Illustration, Video, Web Design & Dev, User Onboarding

FormFree spent several years trying to piece meal their brand and digital product as their company grew in the financial technologies industry. After RocketMortgage started licensing their software, FormFree reached out to us to bring all of their digital pieces together to make a big splash with their current and new customers.

The Problem

FormFree's software solves a serious problem for borrowers and saves lenders a ton of time through digital asset verification. However, their software's user interface and user experience was dated and their website didn't have a consistent message. We were given the task to bring everything under one cohesive umbrella, so that mortgage companies immediately saw the value in FormFree's product.

Our Solution

After conducting an industry and brand audit, we realized that a lot of financial technologies companies felt old and dated, even if their products were cutting edge. We wanted FormFree to stand out among the crowd, so that customers knew they were young and fresh. To accomplish this we developed a memorable character named Joy to help communicate value and totally revamped their software's UI/UX.


A big component of FormFree's value proposition is freeing both borrowers and lenders from the burden of paper processing. So, we developed simple imagery to help communicate this big selling point.


To further communicate value to borrowers and lenders, we developed several more images that communicated what FormFree was offering to the industry. We designed fun imagery that showed the old way the industry used to operate and the newer better path FormFree had to offer.


We spent a lot of time identifying the bottlenecks in FormFree's current iteration of the software, so that we could reduce the questions users had, increase the level of trust, and create an easy experience for new users.


The same level of thought that went into the borrower's experience was applied to the lender's experience as well. By asking questions and getting unique user feedback we were able to address a lot of the problems current users were experiencing, while also making the software easier to use.


We also created a practical video showing customers how the software worked would be impactful and help cast vision for new users.