Behind the rhythm and the rhyme.

Take a look at our process and how we do the things we do.

This is the first step we take in immersing ourselves in your world. Abe Lincoln said, “If I have six hours to cut down a tree, I spend four sharpening my axe.” Analysis is where we sharpen our branding axe and simplify the goals and vision for the project. This generally looks like having personal conversations with your company's leadership. Once we have a solid grasp on how you work, your strengths and your weaknesses, we take a look at your industry to determine where you fit and what opportunities exist.
As we try and capture the heart of a company and its message, we develop mood boarding to express feelings in a tangible way.
Brand Audit
We start with the big picture. We identify where you are, and where you want to go. Tasks associated with the brand audit include things like identifying goals, understanding company culture, reviewing the current brand and marketing materials, and gathering customer and employee feedback.
Industry Audit
Once we have a grasp on how you work, we dive deeper to understand how you work externally in your industry, identifying your unique selling proposition and breaking down how you communicate value to your peers.
There's a saying that proper preparation prevents poor performance (The Five P's). By understand who you are, what you do, the value you provide and how you're communicating, we can better understand where to go and how to get there. By identifying opportunities and making goals to get there, we create a measurement for success. This is also the space where rubber meets road in getting things done and where we pitch next-steps.
We are focused on generating conversions by creating a clear message that resonates with your customers, clients and your industry. Ironically, the process of simplification can be an incredibly complex, but it’s the most powerful tool in recognizing the core message of an organization. The simpler the message, the more powerful the statement. During the messaging phase, we practice putting words behind your company and all of our research. We communicate your brand’s one unique selling opportunity, develop slogan-style copy around that opportunity, and merge that message with print and digital marketing material.
Brand Storming
Our goal is to develop a brand that challenges the status quo of the current market and in turn, builds trust with both current and new customers. Without a solid foundation in brand identity, what is stand for and where it’s going, the identity and positioning of a brand’s products suffer. Brand-storming tasks include things like group whiteboard meetings, creation of a moodboard, and the development of a brand personality.
In phase two, we will breathe life into your business's identity and core message. We give it form and create a functional representation that helps tell a story. We’ll create an experience for your audience to accurately communicate trust, value and quality.
Numerous working logo concepts for a client
identity/logo design
We start with the big picture. We identify where you are, and where you to go. Tasks associated with the Brand Audit include things like identifying goals, reviewing the current brand and marketing materials, and gathering customer feedback.
digital design
We combine practical business strategy with world-class branding that promotes the unique selling opportunity of your product. Blending an intuitive user interface (UI) with an enjoyable user experience (UX) not only builds trust, but helps encourage purchasing decisions. In this Digital Design phase, we’ll design an effective and pleasing experience accompanied with structure and form.
photography & video
Some stories are best told with photos or videos. Whether it’s taking photos of your product, a cinematic promotional video, or both, in this phase we’ll determine what might suite your brand best. Photo and video shoots involve things like pre-production, developing story boards, screen writing, and music licensing.
Development ultimately gives a digital product life. Digital design is unified through agile and responsive web development. Consider it that moves a high performance sports car. The design process creates the blueprints, while development breathes life into the digital experience.
front-end development
Design friendly developers are hard to come by and we’ve managed to snag ourselves a few. We take a lot of pride in making sure our sites look and function exactly as intended. Fine-tuning all of the details is a big part of this process.