Business Development and Growth Consultants

We're not simply in the business of making things look good, we're in the business of making things work better.

Our Philosophy
We work with businesses and organizations who have big goals and aren't content with the status quo. By identifying problems and developing solutions, we help them reach the next level.
The Sweet Spot is the place where your business and goals meet. By leveraging different skill sets and understanding our client's problems, we help bridge the gap.
Case Study
International Forest Company
Venn shares my excitement for doing things right! Love their simple, clean branding style.
Mary Daniel, Founder
Venn brings a fresh perspective to my business. They research the demographic you are targeting and develop an excellent brand, message, and strategy to reach them.
Wayne Bell, COO
Their efforts resulted in leads that keep us busy. They stayed in touch and we never felt like we were on our own. It was a great experience.
Jim Griffith, Founder
We have seen a significant increase in the number of college students we serve. They research and develop an excellent brand and marketing strategy to get your message out.
Ruth Baareman, Executive Director, Starkville Pregnancy Center